About Us

A Message from the Brother Sister Duo - Creators of Bamboozled Entertainment

For us, there is no passion greater than uniting our community through crafting fun and innovative experiences we found lacking in our local area. With years of experience in arts and entertainment to guide our vision, Bamboozled was created from the ground up to be an escape room experience unlike any other, designed to satisfy people’s cravings for adventure more than just their love for puzzles.

Founded as a family business in 2020, we drew upon the talents of local artists, musicians and software developers to build experiences that reflected the passions of those around them, merging other group activities like board games, video games, and role playing into the escape room experience. We wanted to provide a place where people could find joy in being transported abruptly into another magical world.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to innovate and incorporate feedback so that we can continue to deliver the immersive experience our guests know and love.

Sarah & Mark Dallas (Lead Game Designers & Owners)

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