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We are a family business, rooted in our community, that is passionate about bringing people together to have a great time.  We have years of experience in arts and entertainment and have chosen to combine our skills to create escape room adventures that are far beyond the cookie-cutter escape rooms you usually find.


To achieve our vision we reached out to local people just as passionate about their callings.  The heartbeat of our system was created by a local software developer.  Our artists who created our wonderful environments are part of our local art community.  Our amazing music was composed by a local musician/composer.  We loved working with them all.


Now meet our two family members whose genius brought Bamboozled to life.

Click HERE to read an article about us in the Burnaby Now.



Owner / Brother

I worked in the animation industry and focused on learning digital art over the years. As a gamer and someone who loves designing games, Bamboozled was a chance to use my artistic talents to bring the themes and the puzzles to life. I see Escape Games as merging board games, video games and physical games together to provide a fun way to hang out with friends and family.


Owner / Sister

I am extremely passionate about immersive entertainment. I love the idea of suddenly being transported to a new era, location, or fantasy world. Throughout my education I've learned that to create this type of entertainment is an interdisciplinary process. It takes multiple art forms working together. So my years of being unable to decide between music, film, visual arts, performing arts and arts management have given me a unique set of skills that is perfect for designing escape rooms.



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