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Book your game room for an additional 45 minutes!

Are you celebrating a birthday or special milestone? Now you can book your game room for an additional 45 minutes after your game is over to fully celebrate the occasion with your group. Bring your cake, drinks and food into the game room.


Legend of Dragons - Party Room Booking

Bring your own decorations to match the occasion.

What we provide:

  • One 6-foot table

  • One plastic table cloth

  • Four benches for seating 

  • 45 minutes inside the game room

Cost: $142.86 (plus GST)

You are welcome to bring any food or beverages and decorations into the game room. 

*Bamboozled is not licensed for alcoholic beverages.

*Only available for the Rainforest Ruins and Legend of Dragons game rooms.

Contact us now to book your party room!

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