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  • Do I need to book in advance or do you accept walk-ins?
    We do accept walk-in bookings, however they are subject to our current availability. We may not be able to accommodate the time or the room you would like, if they are already booked by another player. We highly recommend calling or checking online to see what is available and making an online booking even if you're intending to book later in the same day.
  • Are we going to share a room with others?
    All of our bookings are private so other people will not be added to your group.
  • Do we have to pay online for our booking?
    We do not accept online payments. Events that have 19+ players do require a 50% deposit and special booking accommodations, but typical games will not be charged until the time of play.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    There are no penalties for cancelling a booking. Please let us know as soon as you can If your plans change or if you accidently booked on the wrong date. You can call or email us to cancel or change your booking. If you are a corporate group, private event or group of 19+ players who paid a deposit, we can only reschedule your booking as the deposit is non-refundable.
  • What time do we show up?
    Everyone in the group must be present at your booking time. We suggest that players show up 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Games may be able to be started early depending on the schedule that day.
  • What if we are late?
    Due to our tight schedule, if customers are late it is likely that time will be cut from their game. If you are running late PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY so we can do our best to adjust your booking without compromising your experience or cutting time. If your game time arrives and we haven't heard from anyone in your group, we will call the phone number provided by the individual who booked your game. If we are still unable to reach your group then your game may be cancelled and your time slot will become available to other customers.
  • What is a good number of players? Can two people beat the themes?
    It is possible for 2 players to beat all of the themes. We usually recommend more players as different types of thinking and more eyes on a puzzle leads to quicker success. However a smaller group will never struggle on a puzzle simply because there aren't enough players physically in the room.
  • What if we need to add or subtract players?
    If you are within the 2 - 6 player limit per theme you can change your player numbers without notifying us. Once you have more than 6 players you will need to book another theme. Please bear in mind that on busier days we will need to adhere to our 15 minute rotational schedule for different rooms, so a second room is not guaranteed to start at the same time as the first. Please book your second game as soon as you know you need one. Bookings can fill up fast so it's best not to assume a time slot that was available earlier in the day is still available a few hours later.
  • How much time do we have to complete the theme?
    All of our games are 50 minutes long.
  • Will I have to lock up my bags, phones, food and drink?
    Every game room has a designated area to store your belongings during the game. Food and drinks aren't allowed as we have many electrical components inside our game rooms that could be damaged by an accidental spill. Phones and electronic devices also need to be put away as we don't allow recording inside our themes.
  • Are there age restrictions?
    Kids 12 and under must have an adult participant (19+) and are not allowed to play on their own. We do encourage mainly older teens and adults play our games, however, we do allow younger kids to enter our facility and join the rest of the family inside the game room. Kids playing with adult friends or family members: We've observed that most kids around 8 years old are able to actively participate in solving puzzles when playing with adult friends or family members, but still may need help understanding or coordinating our more complicated puzzles. Kids playing with a group of kids around the same age: We recommend kids be at least 10 years old if they're going to be playing with a group of other kids around the same age. Our games are intended for adults and while it is possible for kids to be successful in solving puzzles, we find it's rare that they can win without an adult participant (19+). Communication and patience are both important in our rooms.
  • Are your themes accessible for people with disabilities?
    We strive to make our experience as fun as possible for everyone. Our rooms and halls are accessible to wheelchair users, however there may be a few puzzles higher up that may be out of reach. We recommend having an able-bodied person in the room, or that players with mobility issues call staff into the room to help them reach out-of-reach areas. We're happy to help! Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing players will be able to read textual versions of any important audio hints or narration on screens throughout our rooms, and ESL players will be allowed to use translation software, or may ask for clarification at any time!
  • How scary are the themes? Are there live actors?
    Our rooms are not scary nor do they contain adult content. They sometimes feature loud noises or changes of lighting, but they are not intended to scare or startle you, and we never feature any live actors.
  • Will I be locked in a room? What if I have claustrophobia?
    You will never be locked in a room at any time during your Bamboozled experience. The entrance door for each theme does not have a lock. Any doors you unlock while playing the game will remain unlocked for the rest of your game. The goal of our mission based games is to "break in" rather than to "break out". Each theme varies but the general size of each room should be about the size of a large bedroom.
  • What happens if we don't win?
    We strive to make sure that players get as close to the end of the game as possible. Your group will have unlimited hints to assist you in completing the game. If, at the end of your play session, you do not complete the room, you may be offered a return game, based on your current progress, or a staff member may walk you through your other options.
  • Do you have a party room/business room for my event?
    We do offer a Party Room service for children's birthday parties, that can be added on to a regular game booking. However we don't offer our rooms as event spaces or conference rooms.
  • Is there parking?
    There is free 90 minute parking for the exclusive use of Old Orchard patrons.
  • Are you hiring?
    We are always taking in applications. Please check out our CAREERS page on our website.
  • Further questions?
    For any other questions you may have, please call us at 604-431-6788. We will do our best to answer any inquiries in a timely fashion.


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