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Work Together + Play Together = Stronger Workplace

Bamboozled Escape Games is a great way to combine work and play to build strong teams and work groups!  At Bamboozled our games and puzzles have been designed around an adventure or quest.  All players need to participate.  No one person can succeed alone.  And there is a 50-minute time constraint! Now that is how to focus a team on a goal!

Pirate Plunder


Burnaby Board of Trade

"Our team visited  in December and we were blown away by the detail of the rooms and creative use of puzzles and story telling. Best escape room we've seen!"

At Bamboozled you are never locked into a room.  You are locked out!  Your team will be placed into a room and presented with a set of games and puzzles that can only be solved with creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.  Once solved the door to the next room will be unlocked and your next set of challenges will be presented.  Once all the puzzles have been solved and the games have been won you will have completed your mission.

Our business customers are highly valued.  We offer a discount for groups of 10 players or more AND we will open outside of our regular operating hours to ensure that you will have the place to yourselves.  We can accommodate up to 24 players at the same time spread across our 4 themes.  Book ahead to ensure your group can be accommodated.

Corporate &  Large Event Discount

  • Groups of 10 – 18 players pay $30 + GST/player

  • Groups of 19+ players pay $27 + GST/player

Corporate and private events can only be booked through email or over the phone. We will require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to arrange a booking outside of regular hours.

A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking of 3 game rooms or more.

Consider Bamboozled when:

  • Restoring your sense of community.

  • Celebrating a significant business event or milestone

  • Celebrating a holiday, birthday, engagement, etc.

  • Introducing new staff to your team in a fun and engaging way

  • Wanting to take your team to new levels of collaboration and creativity

  • Wanting to see new leaders emerge


British Columbia Chiropractic Association

We had a great team building  event at Bamboozled last December and succeeded in slaying the dragon. Six of us worked together to figure out all the clues. And we won just before our time was up!

Contact us now to book your private event today!

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